Friday, 28 June 2013

Photographs Part III

So these are the pictures I was trying to find and post last night (before getting distracted by the sad things). I was going to just spam Twitter with them, but figured I'd link to here instead. So here are the photos in a chronological(ish) order with captions.

This is me aged seven on the day I was enrolled as a Brownie. The lady in the picture is NOT my Brown Owl, but my Godmother, who was ACC in Buckinghamshire (I think... though might be the wrong county or wrong dates) at the time. She caused quite the ruckus by wanting to come to and receive my Promise, as Brown Owl felt thoroughly undermined by it all (my Godmother used to Guide here, but the two of them never saw eye to eye!) but my Godmother ended up there, after all!

Tracy in sporting shocker! This was a Brownie sports day at a local school. And, unlike in Finland last year, I wasn't five miles behind everyone else!

I've made this one a little bit bigger so you can actually spot me! This was my first St. George's Day Parade in the area. We still do the same route now, many years later - except I'm the Tawny Owl at the front now! Back then, this was a brand new bit of road, and we were excited to be walking down it, as it meant it was a new route! If you haven't spotted me yet, I'm the one next to the girl in the red coat. No idea why she was in red - as you can see, we had pack cagoules!

Moving on a couple of years and my Godmother made it up for my Guide enrollment, with a slightly bigger Tracy! Same building, but new curtains. My sister made her Promise as a Brownie, the same night I renewed it as a Guide, so obligatory group shot with Leaders, sister and Godmother below.

This is my first Guide camp. We went to a place called Trent Lock, which isn't far from where we live (and I'm considering taking my Senior Section members there when I get round to doing my camp license). I wonder sometimes how they managed it - a coach seems like such a luxury for such a small distance. I also had to use a stuff sack, as my bedding rolls were notoriously awful!

Sometimes, I really hate my father for his ability to get ridiculous photos of me! He had four of my first St. George's Day Parade as a Guide, and my culottes seem to be riding up in ALL of them. I'm also suddenly aware that I'm the only one in this picture in knee high white socks! Awkward!

This was just as my sister started Guides, but she hadn't got her uniform yet. It was our first camp together and she was put in my tent! I could have KILLED our Leader!

 Gang Show! This is what I lived for in Guiding. My happiest moments as a child were amongst my Gang Show family, and I stayed in touch with the other three Guides in this picture for several years after. In fact, I recently met up with several people from this photograph and nothing much has changed - we still get on brilliantly!

My church ran a special uniformed music group for Guides, Scouts, Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade to play in at family services. I played both clarinet and saxophone in it. When my grandma came down one mothering Sunday, she wanted a photograph with both of us in Guide uniform with my instruments. My sister felt left out, so we gave her the clarinet. This is the version from the "family album", but I have the reject upstairs in my personal album where I'm laughing away. It's one of my favourite pictures.

This is me and Ruth at a Senior Section weekend at our local campsite. Not sure who the evil looking child behind us was!

This was my team at the Senior Section weekend. As you can see, Ruth and I all snuggly again. I'm surprised I wasn't instructed to put her down and leave her alone!

This is me, almost 18, at another weekend away at Elton. I had helped build the swing and was happily photographing everyone else playing on it, but was terrified myself! Another one of my favourite Guiding memories (although in AWFUL clothing!) and favourite photos.

This last picture I don't remember at all. I'm not sure where it was, what I was doing, how old I was (though I assume nearly 18 from clothing - I had just outgrown my Young Leader uniform when I got that top) or anything. All I know is that I looked rather evil with red eyes and face mask!

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