Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Genius Teacher

The following is an "article" written by one of my primary pupils this week. The task was to write a newspaper article. As L (a very low ability pupil) hadn't been on the class residential to PGL, she chose to write about me. I felt I had to share (I have corrected and names have been changed, obviously).

This week at Anytown Primary School, Year 6's teacher has been dreadfully ill. Luckily, Class 6 was saved when Miss TJ kindly stepped in.

Miss TJ does a lot for the class, such as;

  • she puts up with them
  • she makes learning fun
  • she makes sure we're not being silly
Generally, Miss TJ has been working through SATs work with them. For example, with adjectives, she got the class into a circle and they had to find an adjective that started with the same letter as their name - a fine example of alliteration. She used games like this to introduce each section of maths and literacy lessons, allowing time to get focused.

If any schools are in need of a good supply teacher, Miss TJ should be the first on their list. L says, "She's the same good standard as Miss H. Everyone likes her, including me. She has high standards, but is understanding when we have problems and explains things very clearly."

Would you hire her?

✓ Experienced
✓ Kind
✓ Always happy

If you are interested, please call 123-456-789

Honestly, this piece brought me to tears. So beautiful! I really hope I get to teach at that school again. As for L, I think she's got a promising career ahead of her!

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